The pioneer in permanent hair removal treatments

Recognized for more than a century, electrolysis is the pioneer of permanent hair removal methods

Unlike lasers, it works on all types of hair – white, pale or dark – and is safe for black, mat or tanned skin. Electrolysis is still used today to remove the last hairs after laser treatments. It is an excellent definitive and permanent method for those who want to get rid of unwanted hair once and for all.


Using a filament, an electric current is administered into the hair bulb, then the dead hair is removed with tweezers. A slight pinch will be felt as the current passes through the hair. The most sensitive people can apply an anaesthetic formula 30 minutes before the appointment (for example: Emla cream, available in pharmacies).

Electrolysis has been a proven technique since 1916. It was invented by a teacher of French origin who used this method for hair removal. The electrolysist must pass over the hair several times to remove it completely. Since it is a question of treatments that stop unwanted hair permanently, it requires good session planning.

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