Alexandrite Laser: the choice for laser hair removal for lighter skin

Our laser is adapted to your skin type!

Photoderma has chosen the Alexandrite laser for hair removal on fair skin. The Alexandrite laser is used in the GentleMax Pro® laser hair removal device.

Since this particular laser is attracted to melanin in hair and skin, it should only be used on individuals with dark hair and fair skin. Otherwise the laser won’t recognize the difference in colour between the hair and skin, and will result in a burn.

With a very short wavelength (755 nm), the Alexandrite laser destroys hair without raising skin temperature. The heat only affects the hair follicle and destroys the root (bulb).

The Alexandrite laser is the best available hair removal option for Fitzpatrick skin types I-IV.

Please note that soft white and blond hair cannot be removed with this laser, as the concentration of melanin is insufficient.

A cooling cryogen spray is released immediately before each laser pulse to maximize patient comfort while minimizing skin inflammation.

The Candela GentleMax Pro® laser has earned a reputation as the safest and most comfortable technology on the international market. That’s why Photoderma has chosen this device. It’s that simple!

Do not be mistaken, the noise you hear on the video is not related to the strenght of the laser, but to the cryogen propelled on the skin to freeze it before every impulse!

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