Alternatives to surgery in order to modify our silhouette

Over the course of a lifetime, we will feel the need to change our silhouette several times. It is quite normal to experience weight fluctuations during adolescence, or during a period of stress, illness or hormonal changes. The same can happen with sagging skin, which sometimes occurs as a result of weight loss or pregnancy, or simply with age.

Despite healthy lifestyle habits or regular exercise sessions, you think about surgery to get rid of this excess fat or sagging skin that prevents you from achieving your desired figure. There are several treatments available at Photoderma that will allow you to achieve your objectives without going under the knife.

Some technologies can target specific areas, whether it is for more stubborn fat or for sagging skin, for example:

  • the arms;
  • bra bulges;
  • a soft abdomen;
  • love handles (the sides);
  • the inner thighs;
  • saddlebags;
  • the knees.

In our Photoderma medico-aesthetic clinic, it is possible to treat excess fat effectively and promote cutaneous firming with the following devices.

A skilled beautician will give you all the information you need about our treatments.

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