Are you aware of the benefits INTRACEUTICALS skin products have for your face?

In order to extend at home all the benefits of your Intraceuticals oxygen treatment received at the Photoderma clinic, it is now possible for you to purchase the full range of wonderful Intraceuticals support products for your home.

Intraceuticals home support products continue the benefits of the hyaluronic stratification process that began when the client received the oxygen infusions during their facial care at our clinic.

Designed to prolong the effects of treatments received at the institute, this new “Skin Care” concept is as effective as it is revolutionary, maximizing the durability of results to improve all skin types, the unique line of skin care products restores, moisturizes and firms up the epidermis by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore, the mission of this product is to stop the assault of free radicals on our face, to provide the face and neck with all the essential vitamins, to restore the skin’s elasticity and natural lubrication.

As a result, several beauty prescriptions are available to meet the specific needs of all.

A skilled technician will give you all the information regarding the different products in the Intraceuticals line.

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Products and ranges available


This skin quenching treatment provides the ultimate in intense hydration. Perfect for all skin types, the Rejuvenate Professional Serum contains vitamins and antioxidants that dramatically lift, tone and hydrate the skin.


Reveal a more radiant you with botanical brighteners and super concentrated Vitamin C to brighten and balance dull, uneven skin tone. Pigmentation is minimised, leaving skin luminous and toned.


Refines the appearance of problem prone skin with the ultimate weapon against impurities and irritation. The Clarity Treatment clears oil build-up, leaving skin clarified and refined.

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