Treatment by thermocoagulation

Finally, a non-invasive treatment that reduces the imperfections of the skin!

Thermocoagulation therapy involves the use of a high-frequency current to reduce or eliminate the appearance of superficial skin imperfections.

Many people falsely believe that thermocoagulation is a medical procedure, but in Quebec it is authorized as a cosmetic treatment for skin problems.

At Photoderma, consultations are free and treatments cost a fraction of the price compared to a dermatologist’s clinic. We are also able to schedule appointments right away, with no wait times. Our technicians receive specialized training in thermocoagulation from Dectro, a school recognized by the Association des Professionnels en Électrolyse et Soins Esthétiques du Québec (APESEQ) and the Government of Canada for quality in teaching.

As the name suggests, thermocoagulation involves using heat to coagulate tissue. An electric current passes through a thin needle and emits just enough heat to burn the tissue it touches.

The treatment is fast, localized and does not result in scarring. Up to 30 skin imperfections can be treated in just 15 minutes. 

Thermocoagulation can be used to treat minor circulation and pigmentation problems, such as:

  • rosacea
  • stellar angiomas
  • acrochordons
  • cherry angiomas
  • age spots (liver spots)
  • milia spots

While the treatment is effective for removing acrochordons, these skin tags often reappear over time.

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