Would you like to have a natural-looking face-lift?

With age, the skin on our face and neck definitely relaxes. This phenomenon is completely normal because over the years, our dermis loses collagen gradually. If you want to rejuvenate your face while maintaining a natural appearance, you can now counter this phenomenon and delay the effects of aging without surgery.

In our Photoderma clinic, we offer several alternatives to treat sagging skin and give the face, neck or cleavage a natural lift without surgery or convalescence, because surgical procedures can be invasive and risky.

Available options include; Exilis Elite, Botox®/ Dysport®, filling agents and many other treatments.

The consultation with our director Isabelle will take only one visit to our Laval clinic. By making an appointment right now, she will answer all your questions, fears or false beliefs about various treatments so that you feel more confident. Your skin, it’s your choice!

A skilled beautician will give you all the information you need about our various treatments.

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