Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial Treatment

Oxygen treatment, also known as "Rejuvenate" infusion

Did you know that you too can get, at Photoderma, the same facial care the models of Victoria’s Secret and the stars at the Golden Globes get? This fabulous treatment, now the most popular in North America, is none other than the INTRACEUTICALS oxygen facial treatment!


Intraceutical serums containing hyaluronic acid are propelled into the skin by highly pressurized oxygen, instantly “plumping” the skin. The pores are tightened, wrinkles fade away; the face shines literally with a spectacular burst of radiance!

Designed to improve all skin types, oxygen infusion restores skin hydration, firms the epidermis and reduces wrinkles and fine lines in 40 minutes. Not only is this revolutionary treatment ideal for your special events such as a photo session or a wedding, but it is also an ideal treatment that is a wonderful complement to microdermabrasion, microneedling and radio-frequency treatments for the face.

The technique is non-invasive, safe, painless and suitable for all skin colours.


The skin is stimulated by serum-laden microbubbles using an applicator connected to a medical grade hyperbaric oxygen concentrator. The only purpose is to carry hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants into the deeper layers of the epidermis. During this treatment, we always start by examining your skin and thoroughly cleansing your face. Then we continue with physical, chemical and enzymatic exfoliation of the face. What follows is an infusion of serum with hyaluronic acid by oxygenation. At the end, we apply a moisturizing gel and a hydro-retentive cream to the face.

A skilled beautician will give you all the information you need about our Intraceuticals treatment.

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