Dilated pores are cores and we want to get rid of them!

A pore refers to a cavity and everyone wants to have as few “cavities” as possible on their face. Although they will always be there, these small holes on the surface of the skin that affect the clearness of the complexion also exist to protect the skin’s surface and help it breathe.

Very often resulting from genetic or ethnic origin, dilated pores are most often found in the T-zone of the face (forehead-nose-chin). Oily or combination skin is affected mostly by this problem, as dead cells, bacteria and other impurities accumulate in those pores more easily and clog them.


  • Skin type (e.g. oily skin)
  • Skin aging
  • Sweating (hot ambient temperatures)
  • Cosmetic products not suitable for the skin type
  • Bad lifestyle habits

The problem of dilated pores increases during the various periods of the hormonal cycle (puberty, menopause, etc.). The end of summer is also a better time for clogged pores. It is therefore possible to prevent dilated pores through a beauty routine using quality products adapted to our skin type, which ultimately will control sebum production and tighten dilated pores. Of course, healthy lifestyle habits, a good diet, reduced alcohol and tobacco consumption and a regular exercise program will help greatly to oxygenate the skin cells properly.

In our Photoderma clinic it is possible to treat dilated pores using these treatments.

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