Skin tightning and reshaping the silhouette

Would you like to see yourself in the mirror in a different light? Do you tend to run away from the reflection of your silhouette? Skirts or swimsuits are often complicated to choose and you don’t find anything suitable? Do you have any small body imperfections that undermine or obsess you?

Reshaping the body and toning the skin is now possible without using a scalpel to improve its aesthetic appearance. The areas of the body targeted most often are:

  • the buttocks;
  • the chest;
  • the hips;
  • the thighs;
  • the arms.

If you want to eliminate your saddlebags, abdominal bulges or any other fatty deposits, there are several options available to you, without having to undergo surgery.

Body reshaping without cosmetic surgery, that’s what Photoderma offers.

With age, pregnancy or weight loss, your skin may become loose or saggy. Body remodeling is then an ideal solution for you.

In our Photoderma medico-aesthetic clinic, it is possible to reshape your body with the following devices.

A skilled beautician will give you all the information you need about our treatments.

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