Give your skin back its suppleness and beauty by offering it a facial treatment!

Facial care is an essential basic treatment to maintain healthy skin. It can treat all skin types by moisturizing and cleansing the epidermis deeply, in addition to extracting comedons (blackheads).] The skin will retain its suppleness and tone, and will be immune to the signs of aging. Facial care is also an excellent preparatory treatment for other treatments.

You will notice immediately an improvement in the texture of your skin. Your complexion will be glowing, even, toned and hydrated: your skin will look radiant.

We all want skin that looks young and healthy, which is why the Photoderma clinic offers you professional care that can meet all your needs. We offer several facial treatments for all skin types and problems. Call us to find out more!

In our Photoderma clinic, facial treatments are administered by skilled and experienced technicians.


  • reduce the effects of seasonal changes;
  • combat chronic fatigue;
  • purify the skin;
  • favour complete rest and relaxation;
  • give yourself a gift;
  • enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy;
  • optimize hydration;
  • treat fine lines;
  • and more!

A personalized consultation and an analysis of your skin will enable us to direct you to the appropriate treatment.

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