Finally, treatments to put an end to varicosities, ruby spots and angiomas!


It is now possible to treat varicosities in the legs with the laser. Using a wavelength adapted to small and large blood vessels, laser treatment is effective and very safe.

The cooling system integrated into our laser makes the treatments comfortable and safe. During the sessions, a slight tingling may be felt, sometimes accompanied by a slight localized swelling of the skin. This usually subsides a few hours after treatment.

Angiomas and Cherry spots

The treatment of angiomas and cherry spots is carried out with our Nd:YAG laser or with thermocoagulation, using our electrolysis equipment. The choice of the device for the treatment will be determined by our director during the consultation.

The Nd: YAG laser offers a wide range of parameters to suit a variety of blood vessels: the size of the area to be treated, pulses required, increased accuracy, etc.

Thermocoagulation is a coagulation phenomenon that occurs through the effect of heat. The treatment is fast, precise and scar-free. In just 15 minutes, up to 30 skin imperfections can be eliminated, depending on the case and needs. The thermocoagulation technique is strictly aesthetic and non-medical. Thermocoagulation is used to treat small circulation anomalies as well as those related to pigmentation:

  • spider angiomas;
  • cherry spots;
  • mature angiomas and strawberry hermangioma;
  • milia spots.


All treatments of varicosities and angiomas are performed in a relaxed atmosphere and without anaesthesia, on all skin colours.

One to three sessions will usually be enough to make them disappear.

A skilled  beautician will give you all the information you need about our treatments.

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