Infratherapy by infrared radiation

A thermal cover providing many benefits!

Infratherapy treatments involve wrapping a patient in a warming blanket and applying infrared energy for 45 minutes at a time. This heats the body much like a sauna or steam room.

How does it work?

xposure to infrared energy activates cells and organs as blood vessels dilate and circulation is improved. This speeds up the patient’s metabolism and improves immune function. Heat is absorbed and redistributed throughout the body via the circulatory system. Toxins are flushed out as the patient begins to sweat.


Infratherapy improves circulation and increases the body’s metabolic rate. This leads to better lymphatic drainage and the release of toxins. When this happens, cellulite is reduced.

Weight loss

When applied inside the warming blanket, infrared energy increases body temperature, heart rate and circulation. As a result, the patient will start to sweat. In a single infratherapy session, a patient will burn at least 600 calories.


Infratherapy is used to detoxify the body, as toxins are more readily eliminated through the sweating generated by increased blood flow. During the treatment, patients can eliminate up to 97% of heavy metals, as well as alcohol, nicotine, sulfuric acid, sodium and cholesterol.

Improved immune function
Infratherapy strengthens the body’s resistance to disease and promotes better general health. By simulating a fever in the body, the treatment activates the immune system.

Muscle relief

Infratherapy relieves muscle pain and inflammation by penetrating muscles directly. Its anti-inflammatory effects may therefore be effective for treating all kinds of muscle pain.

Stress and fatigue relief
Another benefit of infratherapy is that it can relieve stress and improve sleep quality by relaxing muscles through heat.

Depression and mood stabilization

Infratherapy stimulates the production of serotonin, a mood-boosting hormone, by increasing the body’s metabolic rate. This promotes the same feeling of wellbeing experienced after a workout.

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