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Couperose manifests through sensations of cutaneous burning, tickling and heating and leaves red marks on the skin. These symptoms appear when small blood vessels on the cheeks, on the nose, on the front, or on the chin dilate.

Rosacea represents an inflammatory facial skin disorder that affects 2 to 3% of adults. The cause of this condition has not been identified yet. Rosacea is characterized by fine blood vessels dilatation, flushes of redness which can be followed by very dry skin areas and small red pustules with or without points of pus. Untreated, Rosacea may aggravate in time. Unfortunately there is no cure that can eliminate this evolving condition.

Sun exposure, emotional factors, heredity and temperature variations are elements that may contribute to the aggravation of these two conditions.

The treatment with Intense Pulse Light represents a solution to diminish facial blotchiness and to improve the skin appearance by draining and blurring visible fine blood vessels and redness.

Local treatment of skin zones affected by Couperose or Rosacea is essential to limit further dehydration and deterioration. In these cases, prevention is your best ally!

In our medical-aesthetic clinics, acne can be effectively treated with Intense Pulse Light.

Once acne controlled, our technicians can treat the scars with Mesotherapy – a procedure that stimulates skin regeneration.


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Thermocoagulation is a treatment that uses the ultrafast high frequency. This accurate technique is used to coagulate certain superficial skin imperfections in order to diminish their appearance or to completely eliminate them.


In PHOTODERMA clinics, we use intense pulsed light (IPL) with the photorejuvenation procedure to remove skin imperfections. Intense pulsed light treatment also represents a solution to diminish redness and to improve your skin’s appearance by draining and blurring visible fine blood vessels and redness.


Mesotherapy is a technology that employs a system of micro-needles that produce micro-perforations of the skin. The collagen and the elastin fibers are stimulated and cell renewal is accentuated. The skin repair starts from the very first session and the entire cell recovery process is optimised.