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Exilis Elite is a very effective device for obtaining a firm skin and for safe body modeling. It uses the latest technological advances in the field of aesthetic treatments by radiofrequency.

These high frequency radio waves literally destroy persistent fat cells that first shrink and then are completely dissolved. Not only the fat melts, but as a bonus, collagen production is stimulated and the skin becomes firmer. These are two distinct results expected from the same equipment. The most recent innovation for targeting zones with certain issues (wrinkles, sagging skin, fat excess and cellulite) both at women and at men.

Exilis can treat the face, the neck and the entire body. The skin will gain a younger and firmer aspect. Body modeling can also be performed by destroying fat cells in the targeted zones.


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Vanquish is the most recent innovation related to non-surgical and non-invasive fat elimination, using the force of secure thermal energy as never before. Vanquish treats the desired region targeting deep layers of fat tissue without damaging the skin or the muscular fibers around them.

Facial fillers

It is possible to keep all our natural lines and even to intensify and improve them. Injections with facial fillers will offer you a natural and durable beauty.

Protein method

The weight loss method using Ideal ProteinMC has been developed by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh. This method includes two main components: healthy weight loss and maintaining a stable and durable weight.