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You may have nothing against a few wrinkles that emphasise your personality and your vitality. But there are some of them, like the deep frown lines between your eyebrows that make you look constantly annoyed, stressed or tired.

Botox is a muscle relaxant that neutralizes the muscles contraction in the precise area where it is injected resulting in a smoother and softer aspect of your face. Before entering in the aesthetic field, Botox has been used for several years for medical purposes, especially in treating chronic migraines or even for children suffering of cerebral palsy.

It is a simple, safe, nonsurgical procedure and above all a very effective one to smooth frown lines and to give you a more fresh and relaxed appearance; a face that reflects your true state of mind.

PHOTODERMA clinics offer the wrinkle treatment with Botox injections, a fast and quasi-painless procedure that allows you to immediately return to your activities afterwards.




Dear Photoderma customers:


In keeping with the new guidelines issued by the Collège des médecins du Québec (CMQ) and which are in effect since May 1, 2017, Photoderma clinics must meet the standards of the provincial law described hereafter in order to provide professional injection services to its customers:



·         All collective prescriptions written up until now and whose object is performing injections for aesthetic purposes are no longer applicable.


·         Any patient (including patients that have, up until now, received  injections pursuant to a collective prescription) who is interested in receiving injections for aesthetic purposes must obtain prior medical evaluation, so that the doctor may establish an individual treatment plan.


·         This treatment plan can be performed by the doctor or be subjected to an individual prescription issued to a registered nurse or a nursing assistant. The plan would include references to a protocol, if applicable.



Since May 1, 2017, Photoderma clinics must proceed as follows:


·         Any customer shall be considered as a new customer;

·         The registered nurse shall prescribe to the new customer an individual prescription which includes a treatment using Botox, fillers or a mix of both; 

·         Afterwards, the registered nurse shall have the treatment plan validated by the attending aesthetic doctor;

·         Once the treatment plan is validated, the registered nurse may proceed with the injections;

·         The cost for the individual prescription is $75 and remains valid for a three-year period.



However, this obligation is valid for the initial visit ONLY.


The following appointments will proceed exactly as before and will remain as is for the remainder of your 3-year prescription.


We thank you for your understanding and we look forward to serving you.


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Mesotherapy is a technology that employs a system of micro-needles that produce micro-perforations of the skin. The collagen and the elastin fibers are stimulated and cell renewal is accentuated. The skin repair starts from the very first session and the entire cell recovery process is optimised.


Exilis Elite is a very effective device for obtaining a firm skin and for safe body modeling. It uses the latest technological advances in the field of aesthetic treatments by radiofrequency.

Facial care

Facial care is considered to be a basic and essential treatment to maintain a healthy skin. It can be applied on any kind of skin by hydrating and deep cleaning the surface of your face (epidermis).